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Alepocephalidae: <I>Leptochilichthys</I>

Alepocephalidae: Leptochilichthys


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Baldfishes, Slickheads

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The Alepocephalidae currently comprises 99 species in about 20 genera worldwide (Eschmeyer, 2014; Eschmeyer & Fong 2014). In Australia, 38 described species in 16 genera are known. Sazonov & Williams (2001) included the Bathyprionidae, Leptochilichthyidae and Bathylaconidae within Alepocephalidae. Although Wiley & Johnson (2010) recognised the Bathylaconidae as a separate family, authors of recent molecular studies (Lavoué et al. 2008; Poulsen et al. 2009) include the group in the Alepocephalidae. We follow Wiley & Johnson (2010) here.

Slickheads are primarily benthopelagic on continental slopes and abyssal plains, although juveniles may be meso- or bathypelagic. Recorded food items include ctenophores, crustaceans, echinoderms, polychaetes, tunicates, sponges, cephalopods and fishes. They are often slender fishes with short-based dorsal and anal fins usually opposite and positioned far back on the body; teeth are small and jaws are overlapped by some of the circumorbital bones. A few genera have photophores and some lack scales. Maximum size for the family is 1 m. Ambrose (1996) discussed early life history.

Alepocephalids were reviewed, in part, by Parr (1951), who provided a key to genera, and more recently by Sazonov & Ivanov (1980), who described Indian Ocean species. Markle (1980) reviewed Asquamiceps, and more than 30 species from the eastern Atlantic were figured and briefly described by Markle & Quéro (1984). Markle & Krefft (1985) reviewed Bajacalifornia, Markle & Sazonov (1996) reviewed Aulastomatomorpha, and Sazonov & Markle (1999) presented a key to many tropical alepocephalids. Sazonov & Williams (2001) presented a key to genera, and reviewed 12 of the 20 alepocephalid genera and 19 species found in Australian waters. Williams & Sazonov (2008) treated species occurring off Australia's southern coast. Australian species of Conocara were reviewed by Sazonov et al. (2009). Some species found in the southern Tasman Sea are treated in Flynn & Pogonoski (2012). Microphotolepis schmidti has been recorded from the southeast coast of Java (Gloerfelt-Tarp & Kailola 1985 as M. multipunctata) and is likely to occur in Australian waters. Similarly, Conocara werneri is recorded from New Zealand and the eastern Indian Ocean and is expected to be present in Australian waters (Sazonov et al. (2009). Alepocephalus productus has been recorded from New Zealand and the Norfolk Ridge (Williams & Stewart 2015), but there are no confirmed records from Australia. A number of undescribed species may also occur in Australian waters.


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