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9 Mar 2016 - Dianne J. Bray, Douglass F. Hoese & Matthew M. Lockett

15 March 2015 - Dianne J. Bray & Douglass F. Hoese

20 December 2006 - Douglass F. Hoese


The suborder Alepocephaloidei contains three families of deepsea fishes found in all oceans. Authors of traditional morphological studies have variously recognised this group as an order (Marshall 1962), a suborder (Greenwood et al. 1966, Wiley & Johnson 2010) or a superfamily (Greenwood & Rosen 1971; Johnson & Patterson 1996; Ishiguro et al. 2003; Nelson 2006). Authors of recent molecular studies (Lavoué et al. 2005; Lavoué et al. 2008; Poulsen et al. 2009; Betancur-R 2013, 2014) recognise the group as an order, and the sister group to the Ostariophyisi (or Clupeomorpha). Until relationships are further resolved, the classification here follows that of Wiley & Johnson (2010) in retaining the group as a suborder of the Argetiniformes. Poulsen et al. (2009) regarded the group as monophyletic, but suggested that the Bathylaconidae was not monophyletic and placed the genera in the Alepocephalidae.


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