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13 July 2016 - John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates, Dianne J. Bray & Douglass F. Hoese


Worldwide, the Paralepididae comprise about 59 species in 13 genera (Post 1972, 1990; Nelson 2006). In Australian waters, 14 described species in nine genera have been recorded and an additional genus and species from Heard Island. In addition, an unidentified species of Lestidiops has been collected from the Northwest Shelf, Western Australia. Magnisudis atlantica (Krøyer, 1868) has been shown to be separate from M. prionosa and Australian records of this genus have been based on M. prionosa. However, M. atlantica does occur on the Tasman Rise just outside of the area covered by this work and is likely to occur in Australian waters. Anotopterus is placed here following Baldwin & Johnson (1996). Relationships of Anotopterus were also discussed by Johnson (1982).

Barracudinas are found in the epipelagic and mesopelagic waters of all oceans; some adults are apparently benthopelagic in slope waters. Fishes and crustaceans are recorded food items. They are characterised by having a slender, elongate body, a posterior anal fin, an elongate snout and fang-like teeth. Maximum size is 1 m in length.

The Paralepididae are in need of revision. Harry (1953a, 1953b) reviewed the North Pacific species and Rofen (1966) reviewed the genera and revised the western North Atlantic species. Post (1972, 1990) provided a catalogue of the types and species synonymies. Post (1986) also treated several species found in Australian waters, and he (1987) revised the subfamily Paralepidinae. Rofen (1966) regarded Anotopterus as monotypic, but the genus was recently revised by Kukuev (1998), who recognised three species. Paxton & Niem (1999) provided details of the family, but separated Anotopterus into its own family. More recently Davis (2010) separated the family into two distinct families the Paralepedidae and Alepisauridae.

A. Post of Institut für Seefischerei, Hamburg, kindly reviewed this family account.


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