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<I>Ammodytoides vagus</I>

Ammodytoides vagus


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May 2012 - Douglass F. Hoese & Dianne J. Bray


Seven genera and 33 described species are recognised in the Ammodytidae (Eschmeyer, 2014; Eschmeyer & Fong, 2015). The Australian fauna includes three species in two genera, although the names in use for Bleekeria species are tentative.

Sandlances occur worldwide in temperate regions of the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans, mostly inhabiting shallow coastal waters, although one species occurs on the upper continental slope. They feed in aggregations on zooplankton over open sandy bottoms, diving into the sand when threatened (Randall & Heemstra 2008; Randall & Ida, 2014). They are distinctive in having an elongate body, a protrusible premaxilla, small cycloid scales partly fused to form oblique scale rows, no fin spines, and no pelvic fins in some species. Maximum length is 40 cm.

Duncker & Mohr (1939) first revised the group and Collette (2001) diagnosed the family. Ida (1973) studied osteological features of some species and Pietsch & Zabetian (1990) described the osteology of the group and proposed a relationship to trachinoid fishes. Ida et al. (1994) compared the morphology of members of the group, describing two new genera and two new species, and provided keys to genera and species. Nine new species have been described in the past 10 years. The higher relationships of the family remain unclear (Wiley & Johnson 2010). Thacker et al. (2015) placed the family in the order Uranoscopiformes along with the Cheimarrichthyidae, Uranoscopidae, Leptoscopidae and Pinguipedidae based on moledcular studies.


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