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2 October 2015 - Douglass F. Hoese and Dianne J. Bray


This suborder is presented here with a modified classification of 10 families. The traditional classification followed largely the works of Nelson (1994, 2006). Pietsch & Zabetian (1990) presented a phylogeny suggesting a monophyletic group. Mooi & Johnson (1997) presented evidence that the Champsodontidae should be included with the scorpaeniform fishes and, in addition, they suggested that many of the families in the suborder are not closely related. Springer & Johnson (2004) removed the Pholidichthyidae to its own order.

Recent work has also suggested that the group is not monophyletic. Even the familiy Percophidae as previously recognised has been regarded as polyphyletic (Smith & Johnson 2007; Odani & Imamura 2011; Near et al. 2015; Thacker et al. 2015). The relationships have also been discussed by Wiley & Johnson (2010). Imamura & Odani (2013) summarised the various classifications. Near et al. (2015) split the Percophidae subfamilies, recognising the Bembropidae as belonging with Scoraeniformes, as currently recognised, and the Percophinae as the sister group to the Notothenioidei and placed the genus Percophis in the Notothenioidei. They suggested that other subfamilies of the Percophidae belong elsewhere. While we have retained the overall traditional classification, changes have been made separating percophid subfamilies into several separate families. Thacker et al (2015) proposed the Trichonotidae as the sister group to the Gobiidei, proposed a new suborder Hemerocoetoidei containing the Creediidae and Hemerocoetidae. She noted that molecular studies did not support relationships between the Champosodontidae and the Scorpaeniformes. While there is general agreement that the suborder as included here is probably not monophyletic, there is not agreement about placement of the various families. Consequently we retain the group here pending further studies.


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