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Southern Flounders

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Douglass F. Hoese & Dianne J. Bray


The family Achiropsettidae comprises three genera and five or six species. In Australia, two genera and two species are recognised.

Southern flounders are found in southern oceans off Australia, New Zealand, Africa and South America on the continental shelf and continental slope. They reach a maximum size of 57 cm.

The relationships of the genera to other flatfishes have been debated for some time (see Chapleau 1993). Evseenko (1996) placed the achiropsettids in a separate family, but Hensley & Ahlstrom (1984) suggested a relationship with rhombosoleines in the Pleuronectidae. Evseenko (1996) also placed the species recognised here as Mancopsetta milfordi, the sole species found in Australia, in the genus Neoachiropsetta. Nelson (2006), following Evseenko (1996), recognised four genera in the family.

Heemstra (1990) dealt with all the southern flounders. Evseenko (2000) recognised four species in four monotypic genera as a distinct family, the Achiropsettidae; his current classification places the Achiropsettidae as the sister group to the Samaridae.


Common Name References

Nelson, J.S. 1994. Fishes of the World. New York : John Wiley & Sons 600 pp. [438] (Southern Flounders)


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