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Armoured Gurnards, Armoured Sea Robins, Gurnards, Sea Robins, Searobins

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18 April 2015 - Dianne J. Bray, Martin F. Gomon, Douglass F. Hoese , John R. Paxton & Jennifer E. Gates,

John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates, Dianne J. Bray, Martin F. Gomon & Douglass F. Hoese


The Triglidae comprise 8 genera and more than 120 species worldwide (Eschmeyer & Fong 2012). Thirty-three species in four genera are recorded from Australian waters. Previously the family Peristeidae was included here, but is now treated as a separate family.

Gurnards are benthic fishes found primarily in the shelf waters of all oceans, with a few species occurring close inshore and others, mostly the armoured sea robins, on the upper slope. Recorded food items include crustaceans, fishes, polychaetes and molluscs. The head is distinctly armoured in solid bone and the pectoral fin has free, enlarged lower rays. A few of the temperate species are of some commercial importance in Australia. Maximum length is 1 m.

Triglids have not been reviewed recently. Gloerfelt-Tarp & Kailola (1984) described and figured 23 species of triglids from north-west Australia and southern Indonesia. Richards & Saksena (1977) revised eight Indian Ocean species of Lepidotrigla, and Richards (1992) treated various species of Lepidotrigla. Richards & Jones (2002) presented a preliminary classification. Richards et al. (2003) reviewed the Pterygotrigla subgenus Otohime; del Cerro & Lloris (1995 and 1997) described two new species of Lepidotrigla from off northern Australia and Queensland; Last & Richards (2012) described two new species of Pterygotrigla from Australia; Richards & Yato (2012) reviewed tropical species of the subgenus Pterygotrigla and in 2014 Parapterygotrigla. del Cerro & Lloris (1997) treated species from New Caledonia, and Gomon (1994) and Gomon & Last (2008) treated southern Australian species. Washington et al. (1984) described triglid early life history. Keys to tropical genera and species are given in Richards (1999).

A number of undescribed species are known from Australia. The Australian species are under study by M.F. Gomon (Museum Victoria) and P. Last (of CSIRO) and some of the names used here are tentative; additional species are likely to be added..


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