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<I>Tetraodon erythrotaenia</I>, Escape River, Queensland

Tetraodon erythrotaenia, Escape River, Queensland

<I>Torquigener pleurogramma</I>

Torquigener pleurogramma


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Blowfishes, Pufferfishes, Puffers, Toadfishes, Toadoes, Tobys

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Douglass F. Hoese, Dianne J. Bray & Gerald R. Allen


Nineteen genera and 130 species are recognised by Nelson (2006) as belonging to Tetraodontidae. Nelson (2006), however, appears not to have included various genera recognised by Hardy (1982, 1984). With the inclusion of these and other more recently described genera the total number of genera is 24. Tetraodontids are well represented in Australia, by 15 genera and 59 species with one additional genus and three additional species from Norfolk Island and Christmas Island..

Pufferfishes are found worldwide in mostly coastal and pelagic oceanic environments where they occur in a variety of habitats such as estuaries, soft bottoms in coastal embayments, coral reefs and the continental shelf. Some species also live in fresh water. Most pufferfishes carry a highly toxic poison, tetrodontoxin, in their viscera, and this can be fatal to humans if consumed. Maximum size is around 90 cm in length.

Australian species have not been fully revised, but G. Hardy has dealt with numerous species in various publications: Hardy (1981) revised Contusus; Hardy & Hutchins (1981) revised Omegophora; Hardy (1983) revised Australian species of Torquigener; and Hardy (1989) provided a key to species of Torquigener. Allen & Randall (1977) revised Canthigaster and Hardy (1994) dealt with the Australian temperate species. Many of the species are treated by Ebert (2001). Relationships of the family are treated by Winterbottom (1974), Tyler (1980) and Santini & Tyler (2003). Yamanoue et al. (2011) presented a phylogeny of some genera.


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