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25 March 2014 - Douglass F. Hoese


The Tetraodontiformes were considered to comprise two suborders in the published catalogue (Hoese et al. (2006), the Triacanthoidei and Tetraodontoidei following Nelson (1994). Based on the work of Santini & Tyler (2003), Nelson (2006) divided the group into three suborders, Triacanthodoidei, Balistoidei and Tetraodontoidei. Several molecular and morphological studies have produced different classifications (see Winterbottom 1974; Tyler 1980; Leis 1984; Rosen 1984; Holcroft 2005; Alfaro et al. 2007; Yamanoue et al. 2008; Near et al. 2012; Santini et al. 2013). Konstantinidis & Johnson (2012a, 2012b) discussed the general lack of agreement of interrelationships of many of the groups. The various classifications have been reviewed by Santini et al. (2013). Because the classifications differ so widely, we do not treat suborders here until a higher classification is more widely accepted, but list the families in sequence following Santini et al. (2013).

Ten families are recognised here, following Santini et al. (2013). The Aracanidae was included in the Ostraciidae in the published catalogue (Hoese et al. 2006). Species are found in a variety of habitats from freshwater to oceanic environments and many are pelagic whereas others are benthic.


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