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The order Stomiiformes comprises four families (Nelson 1994, Nelson et al. 2016). The species are meso- and bathypelagic in all oceans. Relationships are discussed in Fink & Weitzman (1982), Ahlstrom et al. (1984), Fink (1984, 1985), Harold & Weitzman (1996) and the molecular studies of DeVaney (2008) and Kenaley (2014). Although Nelson (2006) and Wiley & Johnson (2010) included a fifth family, the Diplophidae, it is not recognised in this work. A number of recent molecular studies suggest a sister relationship between the Osmeroidei and the Stomiiformes (Li et al. 2008; Near et al. 2012; Betancur-R et al. 2013), a relationship first proposed by Weitzman (1967). Spelling of family names follows van der Laan et al. (2014).


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