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<I>Sphyraena barracuda</I>, holotype of Sphyraena akerstromi</I>

Sphyraena barracuda, holotype of Sphyraena akerstromi


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CAAB: 37382000


Barracudas, Sea Pikes

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Barracudas occur in shallow marine tropical and subtropical environments throughout the world. Currently, the family Sphyraenidae is represented by one genus with 20 species worldwide (de Sylva 1984; de Sylva & Williams 1986). Eleven species are recorded from Australia, with one additional name listed as incertae sedis.

Sphyraenids are pelagic and are often found adjacent to coral reefs as well as in bays and estuaries. The family is distinguished by the presence of an elongate body and large mouth with prominent fang-like teeth. Some species are large and may reach a length of 1.6 m.

The family has not been revised on a worldwide basis, but several regional reviews have been written: Au (1979) for the northern South China Sea fauna and Lin & Shao (1987) for the waters of Taiwan. Senou (2001) treated some species known from Australia, but further study is needed for Australian species.


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