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This suborder includes six families of pelagic fishes found throughout the tropical and temperate oceans. Many members of the Scombroidei are important commercial and gamefish species. Nelson (1994) regarded the Istiophoridae (marlins and sailfishes) as a subfamily of the Xiphiidae, but Nelson (2006) assigned the two groups to separate families. Relationships are treated in Collette et al. (1984, 2006), Johnson (1986) and Collette (1999). Collette et al. (2006) and Orrell et al. (2006) placed the Xiphiidae and Istiophioridae in a separate suborder the Xiphioidei. The Sphyraenidae also are often placed in the Percoidei or Sphyraenoidei. Wiley & Johnson (2010) argued to retain the group as a single unit, elevating the group to the order Scombriformes. They suggested that suborder allocation should await further work. Consequently because of the disagreement, we retain the existing classification, but recognise that it will eventually be split into two or more suborders. Fossil Xiphoidei (as recognised by Orrell et al. 2006) are treated by Fierstine (2006).


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