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23 April 2015 - Dianne J. Bray, Ursula E. Smith, John R. Paxton, Douglass F. Hoese, Matthew M. Lockett & Jennifer E. Gates

John R. Paxton, Douglass F. Hoese, Jennifer E. Gates & Dianne J. Bray


For Platycephalidae Eschmeyer & Fong (2015) recognise 83 valid species in 17 genera. Imamura (2015) described the Australian endemic Platycephalus australiae, bringing the number of valid species to 84. Currently, 51 described species in 15 genera are recognised from Australian waters. Previously, Paxton et al. (2006) recognised 45 described species of platycephalids in 15 genera from Australian waters.

Flatheads form an important commercial and recreational fishery. They are benthic onshore and shelf fishes, with a few species penetrating far up estuaries. They are primarily Indo-Pacific, with one east Atlantic species. Fishes and crustaceans form the primary diet of the most important commercial Australian species that have been studied. Flatheads are elongate with the head depressed and body depressed or cylindrical. The head usually has ridges and spines. The mouth is large, gill openings are wide and the body is well scaled. The tail is often distinctively coloured or patterned. Most tropical flatheads are relatively small, but some temperate species in the genus Platycephalus are large, exceeding 1 m in length and 14 kg weight.

Keenan (1991) presented a phylogeny of the family determined by allozyme electrophoresis, Imamura (1996) discussed relationships within the family, Knapp (1996) reviewed the genus Cociella, and Knapp (1999) presented a key to species from the tropical West-Pacific. Gomon (2008) treated species from Australia's south coast, and a number of tropical species are treated in Allen & Erdmann (2012). Imamura and Gomon (2010) revised the genus Ratabulus, and Imamura (2015) revised the Australian species in the genus Platycephalus and presented a key to species. A number of other Australian platycephalid species have been reviewed and/or redescribed in recent years.


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