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Cusk Eels, Cusk-eels, Cuskeels, Lings, Torsk

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Douglass F. Hoese, John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates & Dianne J. Bray


Members of the Ophidiidae are found on continental shelf and slope bottoms throughout the world. The family is large with about 228 species in 48 genera. At least 40 described species, in 20 genera, have been collected in Australian waters. One Australian species of Brotula is found in shallow reef waters.

Most cusk eels are benthic and, like most of the ophidiiform families, have jugular pelvic fins with only one or two rays and long dorsal and anal fin bases joined to the caudal fin. Maximum length is about 1.5 m, but many are much smaller.

The cusk eels have not been revised comprehensively, except for some genera.. Cohen & Nielsen (1978) and Nielsen et al. (1999) reviewed the genera, and provided keys and lists of valid species. Generic revisions include those of Nielsen & Machida (1988) for Glyptophidium, Nielsen (2002) for Neobythites and Nielsen & Merrett (2000) for Bassozetus. Nielsen et al. (2014) revised Serembo.

A considerable quantity of unidentified material from the continental shelf and slope of Australia is present in the collections of the Australian museums; from this material, it is likely that additional ophidiids will be recorded. Several unidentified species of Dicrolene Goode & Bean, 1883: 202 (type species Dicrolene intronigra Goode & Bean, 1883 by monotypy) are known from the continental slopes of eastern, southern and western Australia. In addition, a large number of unidentified specimens of Ophidion from eastern and western Australia are housed in collections of Australian museums. Nielsen et al. (1999) recorded Ophidion smithi from north-western Australia, but indicated that it was doubtfully distinct from O. genyopus. O. smithii is included here, but may not represent a valid species. A revision of Australian species is needed.


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