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28 May 2015 - Douglass F. Hoese & Dianne J. Bray


This order contains five families of small to medium-sized, soft-bodied fishes (Nielsen et al. 1999). Most are deepsea fishes found below 200 m, but some species are common in shallow water around corals reefs. Patterson & Rosen (1989) questioned the monophyly of the order. Nelson (1994) included the Parabrotulidae here, but Nielsen (1999) excluded the family from the order. Nelson (2006), however, has retained Parabrotulidae in this order until a more suitable placement is found.


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22-Jun-2015 OPHIDIIFORMES 28-May-2015 MODIFIED Dr Dianne Bray (NMV) Dr Doug Hoese (AM) Dr Matthew Lockett (AM)
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