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<I>Alabes springeri</I> holotype

Alabes springeri holotype

<I>Cochleoceps bassensis</I>

Cochleoceps bassensis


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Clingfishes, Shore Eels

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Members of the Gobiesocidae occur worldwide in tropical and temperate marine environments, but the family is more speciose in temperate waters. Currently, 36 genera and 140 species are recognised worldwide (Nelson 2006). In Australia, there are 12 genera and 33 described species as well as several undescribed species (Hutchins 1994, 2008).

Except for species of Alabes, most gobiesocids have a sucking disc formed from modified pelvic fins. The group tends to be most speciose in temperate regions. They are commonly associated with sea grass and rocky and coral reefs, and are found in depths from intertidal regions to over 200 m. Gobiesocids are generally small sized, ranging in size as adults from 1.5 to 30 cm, with the largest Australian species around 11 cm.

Briggs (1955) first revised the family, but many new genera and species have been discovered subsequently, and Springer & Fraser (1976) formally placed Alabes in Gobiesocidae. Hutchins (1983, 1991) revised the Australian endemic genus Cochleoceps and provided a key to species. Hutchins (1984) also revised Aspasmogaster and presented a key to species. Lepadichthys lineatus Briggs, 1966 was recorded from Australia by Hutchins (2001), but further work is needed on Lepadichthys and the related Discotrema, based on information provided by B. Hutchins to validate the record. B. Hutchins kindly provided valuable information on species in this family.


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GOBIESOCIDAE: Trachelochismus pinnulatus (Forster, 1801) [apparently based on misidentified specimen; genus is endemic to New Zealand] — Paulin, C.D. & Roberts, C.D. 1992. The rockpool fishes of New Zealand. Te ika aaria o Aotearoa. Wellington : Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa 177 pp. [46]; Francis, M. 2001. Coastal Fishes of New Zealand. Auckland : Reed Publishing (NZ) 3rd edn, 103 pp.


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