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CAAB: 37371003

Species Amatitlania nigrofasciata (Günther, 1867)

Convict Cichlid, Zebra Cichlid




Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Ross River & streams around Townsville, QLD (19°18'S 146°48'E), the Hazelwood power station cooling pondage and adjacent Eel Creek, Morwell, VIC (38°17'S, 146°24'E), and recently reported from a small lake in Forest Crescent Reserve, Thornlie, WA (32°05'S, 115°57'E), although this population may not be established (Duffy et al 2013); tropical

Introduced from Central America.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Qld, Vic, WA: South East Coastal Plain (SCP), Swan Coastal Plain (SWA), Wet Tropics (WT)

Distribution References

Ecological Descriptors


Extra Ecological Information

Population in Victoria survives in ponds heated by discharge from Hazelwood power station.


General References

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