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28 June 2017 - Dianne J. Bray & Douglass F. Hoese


This suborder includes four families of coastal marine and freshwater species. Johnson (1993) questioned the evidence of the monophyly of the group as defined by Kaufman & Liem (1982).

Allen et al. (2006), following Clements et al. (2004) and Westneat & Alfaro (2005), placed the previously recognised families Odacidae and Scaridae (Nelson 1994, 2006) into the Labridae. For convenience, Allen et al. (2006), placed the three traditionally recognised families as subfamilies of the Labridae. Although Westneat & Alfaro (2005), found the scarids to be monophyletic, the odacids were not found to be monophyletic within the Labridae. Consequently, we retain the subfamily Scarinae, and move the taxa Allen et al. (2006) previously placed in the subfamily Odacinae into the subfamily Labrinae until relationships are better determined to allow a more phylogenetic classification.

Various studies (Springer & Orell 2004, Betancur et al. 2013, Near et al. 2012) have indicated that the Labridae, as recognised here, is not closely related to other members of the group, Nelson et al (2016) placed the Labridae into the order Labriformes, the Cichlidae into the order Cichliformes and the Pomacentridae in a separate group along with many families included here in the Percoidei. We retain the traditional classification here, but recognise that further work will undoubtedly break up this group.


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