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Cichlids, Mouth-brooders

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24 May 2017 - Matthew M. Lockett, Douglass F. Hoese, Dianne J. Bray, Gerald R. Allen & Connie J. Allen

Gerald R. Allen, Connie J. Allen & Douglass F. Hoese


Cichlids occur naturally in North America, Central America, South America, Madagascar and Africa to India. Worldwide, approximately 112 genera and around 1,350 species are currently known (Nelson 2006). In Australia, cichlids do not occur naturally, but at least 14 genera and 18 species have been found in the wild. We include here all species known from the wild, although most are believed not to have become established. However, the continued release of species could eventually lead to establishment of some of these species. Recent molecular studies have changed the generic classification significantly. Many species were previously placed in Tilapia and Cichlasoma, but have recently been moved to other genera. The classification is in a state of flux and names changes are likely to continue.

Cichlids are popular aquarium fishes and a much larger number of species are found in the Australian aquarium trade. Accidental and intentional releases occur frequently (McKay 1984), and introductions of cichlids in tropical regions of Australia have had adverse effects on native fishes (Arthington et al. 1983). Although most species are found in fresh water, some have a high salt tolerance and can spread rapidly through marine environments. Some species have been deliberately introduced as food fishes in many parts of the world.

As a group, cichlids have been much studied. They are noted as examples of major radiations into species flocks in several African rift lakes over relatively short geological time periods. For example, over 150 species are endemic to Lake Victoria and are believed to have evolved in less than a million years (Greenwood 1975). Relationships of the family are discussed by Stiassny (1981). Molecular studies have placed the family in the order Cichliformes and suggested it is not related to other labroid fishes (Betancur et al 2013).


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