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The classification of the order Zeiformes here follows the comprehensive phylogenetic analysis by Tyler et al. (2003), who made considerable changes to previous classifications in recognising six families. Although Tyler et al. (2003) excluded the Caproidae from the Zeiformes, Hoese (2006) included the family until relationships of the group were further resolved. Here the boarfish family Caproidae has been tentatively placed in the perciform suborder Caproidei. Tyler & Santini (2005) proposed a phylogenetic hypothesis based on fossil and extant zeiform-like fishes. Rosen (1984) proposed that zeioids and tetraodontiforms were related, with caproids as their sister group, whereas Johnson & Patterson (1993) suggested that zeiforms (excluding caproids) are the sister group of beryciforms (excluding stephanoberyciforms) plus percomorphs. Wiley et al. (2000) suggested a close relationship between zeids and gadiforms, a hypothesis supported by Miya et al. (2003) and Dettai & Lecointre (2005).


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