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CAAB: 37428264

Species Tridentiger trigonocephalus (Gill, 1860)

Trident Goby, Japanese Goby, Striped Tripletooth Goby


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New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Sydney, NSW (33°51'S) to Port Kembla, NSW (34°27'E), Port Phillip Bay, VIC (145°02'E), near Adelaide, SA and Swan River (31°53'S) to near Bunbury, WA temperate, Japan.

Introduced from Japan.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


NSW, SA, Vic, WA: Swan Coastal Plain (SWA)


Southwest Shelf Province (31), Spencer Gulf Shelf Province (33), Bass Strait Shelf Province (35), Central Eastern Shelf Province (38)

Ecological Descriptors

Benthic, estuary, freshwater, inshore, sand bottom marine, seagrass.


General References

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