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<I>Siganus doliatus</I>

Siganus doliatus


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Mi Mi, Rabbit Fish, Rabbitfishes, Spinefoot

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The Siganidae comprise 21 or more species belonging to a single genus Siganus; 15 species occur in Australia and one species included from Coco (Keeling) Islands. Siganids are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical seas of the Indo-West Pacific region.

Rabbitfishes or spinefeet are inshore marine fishes, although sometimes they occur in estuaries and fresh water. Many of the species are confined to coral reef areas. They are generally solitary or form pairs, although a few species may concentrate in large aggregations. Their diet consists of algae and micro-organisms which are scraped from rocks and corals; they also browse on seaweeds and seagrasses. The body is ovate and laterally compressed. The anal spines (seven in number) are more numerous than in other reef fishes. The skin is smooth, covered with minute scales. All species of Siganus have poison glands associated with the fin spines, and they may inflict painful wounds if the fish is handled carelessly. The maximum length is about 53 cm, but most are less than 35 cm.

Woodland (1990) revised the rabbitfishes or spinefeet and dealt with most Australian species in his later publication (Woodland 2001). Kuiter & Debelius (2001) suggested several changes, splitting some species into 2 or 3 geographically isolated species. On the other hand some molecular work has suggested that some colour phases are not genetically distinct (Hsu et al. 2011). Further studies will undoubtedly alter the current classification.


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