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Three genera and 20 species are recorded worldwide in the family Samaridae (Nelson 1994), with all genera and six species from Australia.

Samarids occur over soft bottoms on the continental shelf and slope to 300 m in Australia. Some species of Samariscus occur around coral reefs in shallow water. Maximum size reached is 25 cm.

Previously, samarids were placed in the Pleuronectidae, but now form the family Samaridae, which is recognised as the primitive sister group to Soleidae (soles) and Cynoglossidae (tongue soles) (Chapleau & Keast 1988; Chapleau 1993).

No thorough revisions have been undertaken on Australian species. However, Quéro et al. (1989) treated some species from the western Indian Ocean and Ochiai & Amaoka (1962) revised Samariscus species from Japan.


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