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25 May 2016 - Dianne J. Bray & Douglass F. Hoese


There is ongoing debate regarding the relationships of lower eutelostean fishes. Eschmeyer and Fong (2013) placed the Osmeroidei with the Argentiniformes as the Osmeriformes. Wilson & Williams (2010) presented evidence for an Order Salmoniformes, and the separate Order Osmeriformes that included the Southern Hemisphere families Lepidogalaxiidae, Galaxiidae, and Retropinnidae, plus the Northern Hemisphere families Osmeridae, Salangidae and Plecoglossidae, and a wide diversity of oceanic fishes, including Argentinidae and other families. Previously Johnson and Patterson (1996) presented evidence of a close relationship between the salmonoid and osmeroid fishes, and Wiley and Johnson (2010) suggested an Order Salmoniformes that comprising the suborders Esocoidei, Osmeroidei and Salmonoidei. We follow Wiley & Johnson (2010). The group includes the Salmonidae, native to the Northern Hemisphere. Many species have been introduced into Australia. Species all spend at least part of their life cycle in fresh water.


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