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Species Rhadinocentrus ornatus Regan, 1914

Ornate Rainbowfish, Blue Spotted Sunfish, Moreton Island Sunfish, Neon Light Sunfish, Ornate Rainbow Fish, Porthole Fish, Soft-spined Rainbowfish, Soft-spined Sunfish, Southern Soft-spined Sun-fish, Southern Soft-spined Sunfish, Southern Sunfish



Genetic studies have identified 4 different stocks (Page et al. 2004), with limited dispersal (Sharma & Hughes 2011).




New South Wales, Queensland

Extra Distribution Information

Southern QLD and northern NSW in coastal areas east of the Great Dividing Range between about Maryborough (25º32´S) and Coffs Harbour (30º18´S), also occurs on sandy islands of southern QLD including Fraser Island (25º22´S), Moreton Island (27º11´S) and North Stradbroke Island (27º30´S); tropical.

Australian Endemic.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


NSW, Qld: Central Mackay Coast (CMC), NSW North Coast (NNC), South Eastern Queensland (SEQ)

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General References

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