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<I>Peristedion picturatum</I> holotype

Peristedion picturatum holotype


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Armored Gurnards, Armored Searobins, Armour Gurnards

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23 April 2015 - Dianne J. Bray, John R. Paxton, Ursula E. Smith, Jennifer E. Gates, Dianne J. Bray, Martin F. Gomon & Douglass F. Hoese


The Peristediidae comprises six genera and more than 30 species of benthic fishes found in outer continental shelf and upper slope waters in tropical and temperate waters in depths of 50-800 m worldwide (Kawai 2008, 2013). Five genera and eight described species have been recorded from Australia. Imamura (1996), Nelson (2006) and Kawai (2008) recognised the family Peristediidae, whereas Richards (1999) and Paxton et al. (2006) included the group in the Triglidae.

Armour gurnards have bodies encased in four rows of heavy spiny plates on each side, a large bony head with spines and ridges, distinct rostral projections on the lachrymal. The lower two rays of the pectoral fin are enlarged and free from the rest of the fin. The mouth is inferior and mandibular, lip and chin and lower jaw barbels are present. Maximum length is 70 cm.

Species from off New Caledonia were treated by del Cerro & Lloris (1997). The family was reviewed by Kawai (2008), who separated Satyrichthys into the genera, Satyrichthys and Scalicus, and Kawai (2013) revised Satyrichthys. The Australian fauna includes a number of undescribed species, and Australian material is currently under study by Peter Last and Toshio Kawai. Several taxa here treated may actually represent undescribed species.


General References

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