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Knot-eels, Moray Eels, Morays, Reef Eels

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3 October 2018 - Gerald R. Allen, John E. McCosker, John J. Pogonoski, Matthew M. Lockett, Norbert J. Cross, Dianne J. Bray & Douglass F. Hoese

Gerald R. Allen, John E. McCosker, Norbert J. Cross, Dianne J. Bray & Douglass F. Hoese


Worldwide, the Muraenidae comprise approximately 16 genera, and over 200 described species (Nelson et al. 2016), the majority of which are found in the Indo-Pacific region. The family is represented in Australia by 12 genera and 83 species. Specimens from the Northern Territory identified as Gymnothorax pictus may represent records of Diaphenchelys dalmatian Hibino, Satapoomin & Kimura 2017, a genus not currently recorded from Australia.

Muraenids are generally marine, inshore reef inhabitants, but some species occur to at least 200 metres depth. The characteristic elongate body shape, lack of scales and paired fins, and heavy mucous coat are adaptive for dwelling in holes and crevices. Many species are equipped with sharp fang-like teeth that are used for seizing fish and invertebrate prey. If provoked by humans, the larger species can inflict serious bites. The flesh of some of the larger morays has been implicated in cases of human fish poisoning (ciguatera). Moray eels are opportunistic feeders; many species are most active at night. Some species may reach nearly 3 m in total length, but most are one-third this size or less.

Many new records and nomenclatural changes have appeared since the review of Australian muraenids by Munro (1957). Important regional works that provide coverage of many Australian species include those of Weber & de Beaufort (1916) and Smith (1962). Australian and New Zealand species have been revised more recently by Böhlke & McCosker (2001). Böhlke et al. (1999) provided a key to species from the tropical western Pacific and Böhlke & Smith (2002) compiled a list of Indo-Pacific types of the family. The group is unusual in that many of the species are widespread reaching the eastern Pacific (Robertson et al. 2004). Smith (2012) provided a checklist of the moray eels of the world. Allen & Erdmann (2012) treated species found in the East Indies. Tang & Fielitz (2013) provided a molecular phylogeny of moray eels.


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