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<I>Upeneus filifer</I>, holotype of <I>Pennon filifer</I> Whitley

Upeneus filifer, holotype of Pennon filifer Whitley


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Goatfishes, Red Mullet

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Members of the Mullidae or goatfishes are found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate waters. Currently, six genera and around 85 species (Nelson 2006, Nelson et al. 2016) are recognised, with 33 species in four genera known from Australia and 5 additional species included from external territories. The number of recognised species has increased by almost 25% in the last 10 years.

The family is distinguished by the presence of two elongate, moveable chin barbels. Mullids occur over sand around coral reefs and on the continental shelf. Generally, species of Upeneus are found over open sand in embayments, and on the continental shelf; species of Mulloidichthys are typically associated with coral reefs; and Parupeneus occurs around coral reefs and on the continental shelf. Maximum size is about 60 cm in length.

Most workers, such as Rosenblatt & Hoese (1968), regard the Indo-Pacific genus Parupeneus to be distinct from the New World Pseudupeneus. However, until recently, no thorough revision had been undertaken for the various genera in the Mullidae and names in the group have been changed frequently with little scientific documentation, making them difficult to trace in the literature. Over the last decade or so much more work has been conducted on the family. J. Randall and F. Uiblein have undertaken extensive study of the group, describing new species, updating accounts of existing species and publishing new synonymies in a variety of research papers and books.

Randall (2004) revised the genus Parupeneus with the addition of two sepcies, and Randall & Heemstra (2009) describe an additional three species from the western Indian Ocean. Several species of Upeneus have been described in recent years (Randal & Kulbicki 2006; Uiblein & Heemstra 2010, 2011). Uiblein has described new species of Upeneus and revised many other species through a series of publications, focusing primarily on the Indian Ocean (Uiblein & Heemstra 2010, 2011, Uiblein & McGrouther 2012, Uiblein & Gledhill 2014, Uiblein & Gouws 2014, Uiblein et al. 2017). However a complete revsion of Upeneus remains to be done. Uiblein (2011) also reviewed the western Indian Ocean species of Mulloidichthys. Ben-Tuvia (1986) reviewed Upeneichthys, recognising only one valid species of the four previously described, Upeneichthys lineatus. However Hutchins (1990) described Upeneichthys stotti and recognised three sub-species of U. lineatus which Kim (2002) elevated to species level following a detailed anatomical study of the Mullidae. Red Sea species have been treated by Ben-Tuvia & Kissil (1988) and most Australian species are dealt with by Randall (2001) and the various publications of Randall and Uiblein mentioned above.

The identity of the species recorded as Upeneus taeniopterus Cuvier, 1829 in McCulloch (1929) is unclear. Gloerfelt-Tarp & Kailola (1984) recorded Parupeneus rubescens from northern Australia based on a voucher from Indonesia, but the voucher specimen has subsequently been identified by Randall (2004) as Parupeneus biaculeatus. At present, P. biaculeatus has not been recorded from Australia, but it is likely that it will found in northern Australia.


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