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Species Hypseleotris bucephala Thacker, Geiger & Unmack, 2022

Boofhead Carp Gudgeon, Midgley's Carp Gudgeon



The species shows considerable geographical variation and reported fin ray and scale counts are not reliable for identifying the species. Only mature males can be reliably identified from head and fin shapes..




Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria

Extra Distribution Information

Map shows approximate distribution, IBRA bioregions often cross divides not reflecting natural distribution; species known from throughout the Murray-Darling Basin and Bulloo River (Bulloo-Bancannia Basin, BBB), Cooper Creek (LEB), and eastern coastal streams from the Tully River south to around the Brisbane River, QLD and upper Einasleigh River, Queensland, Gulf of Carpentaria drainage

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


ACT, NSW, Qld, SA, Vic: Brigalow Belt North (BBN), Brigalow Belt South (BBS), Channel Country (CHC), Central Mackay Coast (CMC), Cobar Peneplain (CP), Desert Uplands (DEU), Darling Riverine Plains (DRP), Gulf Plains (GUP), Murray Darling Depression (MDD), Mitchell Grass Downs (MGD), Mulga Lands (ML), Nandewar (NAN), NSW South Western Slopes (NSS), Riverina (RIV), South Eastern Queensland (SEQ), Wet Tropics (WT)

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