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<i>Hishimonus spatulatus</i> Fletcher & Dai, holotype male

Hishimonus spatulatus Fletcher & Dai, holotype male


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Species Hishimonus spatulatus Fletcher & Dai, 2013

Compiler and date details

5 November 2013 - Murray J. Fletcher



This species, which is only known from the male holotype, is recorded from Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland.





Extra Distribution Information

Known only from type locality.

Australian Endemic.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Qld: Cape York Peninsula (CYP)

Ecological Descriptors

All stages: phloem feeder.



Head and thorax pale greenish yellow, crown, pronotum and scutellum with faint brown mottling, sparse on crown. Tegmen pale whitish translucent with fine brown markings on crossveins and in some cells, becoming denser medially towards apex which is mainly brown. Dorsal brown patch well defined, margined anteriorly and ventrally with darker brown. Male genitalia. Subgenital plate broadly rounded laterally with distinct apical finger-like process. Paramere with preapical lobe very small and rounded, apical lobe elongate, directed posteriorly, apically rounded. Connective short with arms longer than stem. Aedeagus in posterior view with shafts divergent from base, with lateral flange enlarged around gonopore to form lateral triangular lobe and medial rounded from base to apex with lateral triangular flange curving anteriad. Aedeagus without basal processes (Fletcher & Dai 2013).


ID Keys

Fletcher & Dai 2013: 422


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Opsiini Emeljanov, 1962 05-Nov-2013 ADDED Dr Murray Fletcher