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Subtribe Opsiina Emeljanov, 1962

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13 July 2011 - Murray J. Fletcher



This is the only tribe of Opsiini which has been recorded in Australia.



Elegant fully winged forms. Head fairly short with smooth transition between vertex and face. Vertex often wide, transverse. Eyes without grooves on inner margin facing the scapes of the antennae. Space between eyes and frontoclypeus wide even when frontoclypeus is narrow. Frenula large, their inner margins bordering on the frontoclypeus for a considerable distance. Lateral carina always present on the pronotum. Long bristles on the lobes of the pygophore. Marginal row of macrochaetae on the triangular genital plates that often have drawn out apices. Penis with two shafts emerging separately from the base. (Emeljanov 1962).


ID Keys

Fletcher, M.J. (2009 and updates). Key to the leafhoppers and treehoppers of Australia and neighbouring areas (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha).


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