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<i>Hishimonus diffractus</i> Fletcher & Dai, adult

Hishimonus diffractus Fletcher & Dai, adult


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Species Hishimonus diffractus Dai, Fletcher & Zhang, 2013

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5 November 2013 - Murray J. Fletcher



This species was first recorded in Australia by Fletcher & Dai (2013) although specimens in collections date from 1977. It is clear that the species is adventive in Australia with its natural range being in the Oriental region. It was described from China and Thailand and has established in Australia without detection because of its close external similarity to other species of the genus. It has usually been misidentified in collections as H. passiflorae (Evans).




New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


NSW, Qld, SA, WA: Flinders Lofty Block (FLB), Sydney Basin (SB), South Eastern Queensland (SEQ), Swan Coastal Plain (SWA)

Other Regions

Lord Howe Island terrestrial & freshwater

Ecological Descriptors

All stages: phloem feeder.



Head and thorax pale testaceous with scattered pale brown mottling. Tegmen whitish, becoming translucent apically, covered with small brown markings, denser and darker apically, with apical veins brown. Dorsal pale brown patch well defined, margined anteriorly with brown, with clear patch medially against claval margin. Male genitalia. Subgenital plate outwardly broadly curved to apex with finger-like apical process. Paramere with preapical lobe poorly developed, apical lobe elongate, curved slightly outwards, apically more or less parallel with opposing process. Connective short with arms longer than stem. Aedeagus in posterior view with shafts moderately divergent from base, slightly tapering to apex which curves anteriorly, with gonopore on posterior side slightly beyond half length and with short, triangular projection. In lateral view, shaft narrows at gonopore with anterior process continuing to strongly anteriorly recurved acute apex (Fletcher & Dai 2013).


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Fletcher & Dai 2013: 422


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