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<I>Creedia haswelli</I>

Creedia haswelli

<I>Limnichthys fasciatus</I>

Limnichthys fasciatus

<I>Schizochirus insolens</I>

Schizochirus insolens


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Creed's Sandfishes, Sandburrowers, Tommyfishes

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The family Creediidae comprises eight genera and 17 species (Nelson 2006; Shibukawa 2010), with three genera and six species recorded from Australia and an additional genus and species from Cocos (Keeliing) Islands and Christmas Island.

Tommyfishes are small, sand-diving fishes, found in tropical and temperate areas of the Indian Ocean eastward to Hawaii and Easter Island. Some species are associated with rocky or coral reefs, but others occur off sand beaches in coastal environments to depths of around 50 m. Maximum size is less than 10 cm.

Nelson (1978) reviewed the family and included Limnichthyidae as a synonym of Creediidae. The genus Squamicreedia was subsequently assigned to the family Percophidae (Nelson 1982); here it is referred to the family Hemerocoetidae. Nelson (1985) discussed the relationships within the family and Nelson (2001) presented a key to Australian genera.

Smith & Johnson (2007) placed the group as a subfamily within the Trichonotidae. Subsequently Odani & Imamura (2011) suggested a close relationship between the Creediidae and Leptoscopidae. Thacker et al. (2015) proposed a close relationship between the family and the Hemerocoetidae, placing both within the Hemerocoetoidei.


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