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<I>Cirripectes alboapicalis</I>, Norfolk Island

Cirripectes alboapicalis, Norfolk Island

<I>Parablennius tasmanianus</I>

Parablennius tasmanianus


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Blennies, Fangblennies, Rockshippers

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The Blenniidae occur worldwide in shallow marine and estuarine environments of the tropics and warm temperate areas. Currently, 56 genera and about 360 species are recognised worldwide (Nelson 2006). In Australian waters, 25 genera and 92 species are known, with an additional 4 genera and 14 species included from Norfolk Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island.

Blennies are commonly found in coastal environments, particularly coral reefs and rocky reefs. They are small sized, ranging in length as adults from 3 to 54 cm.

The family has been studied extensively, largely by V. Springer and co-workers. Springer (1968a) defined the family, subfamilies and tribes. Two subfamilies were recognised: the Blenniinae with three tribes and the Nemophidinae, with a single tribe, Nemophini. The Nemophini, commonly know as the saber-toothed blennies, are found on coral reefs worldwide. In his summary of work on the group, Nelson (1994) recognised six tribes. However, based on the work of Bath (2001), Nelson (2006) reduced the number of tribes to five. Australian species belong to four of the tribes, the large Salarini, Omobranchini, Parablennini and Nemophini. Here, species are not grouped into the various tribes because of the small number of species represented here and the complexity of the group.

A number of works have dealt with the genera of some tribes: Smith-Vaniz & Springer (1971) and Springer & Spreitzer (1978) reviewed genera of the tribe Salarini; Smith-Vaniz (1976, 1987) revised genera of the tribe Nemophini; and Springer (1972a, 1981) treated genera of the tribe Omobranchini. Other major revisions include Springer (1967, 1972b-Entomacrodus); Springer (1968b-Stanulus); Springer (1971, 1972b, 1988-Ecsenius); Springer & Gomon (1975-Omobranchus); Bath & Hutchins (1986- Parablennius); Williams (1988-Cirripectes); Springer & Williams (1994-Istiblennius, Blenniella); and Bath (1996- Parablennius). Bath & Randall (1991) provided information on synonymies within Salarias, and Bath (1992) presented a key to the species of Salarias. Bath (2004) revised Rhabdoblennius, but did not examine material from Australia. A key to genera from the western Pacific is presented in Springer (2001). Hasting & Springer (2009) discussed biogeography and elevated some subspecies to species.

Hirculops cornifer (Rüppell, 1828), listed from Australia by Whitley (1964), has been shown by Smith-Vaniz & Springer (1971) to be restricted to the Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean.

Randall et al. (1990) recorded Rhabdoblennius ellipes from the Great Barrier Reef and suggested that R. rhabdotrachelus is probably a junior synonym. However, Bath (2004) revised the genus and regarded R. ellipes as a synonym of R. nitidus (Günther), a species known only from the north-west Pacific. It is not clear what species Randall et al. (1990) illustrated or whether the photograph is of an Australian specimen. In Australia, Rhabdoblennius is known only from the offshore Coral Sea islands; no specimens are known from the Great Barrier Reef.


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