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Members of the Zoarcidae are mostly bottom-dwelling fishes found in shallow to very deep waters, especially in polar waters of both hemispheres. A few species are meso- to bathypelagic. More than 300 species in about 70 genera are recognised worldwide (Eschemyer & Fong 2012), with one species known from Australia, and another five species recorded from Australia's Antarctic and Subantarctic territorial waters.

Eelpouts are elongate marine fishes with long dorsal and anal fins continuous with the caudal fin. Pelvic fins are advanced or absent and scales are present or absent. Recorded food items include molluscs, echinoderms and fishes. Several species are live bearers. Maximum size is 1 m.

Although the eelpouts have not been reviewed recently, M.E. Anderson has authored or co-authored many papers on Southern Hemisphere zoarcids. Anderson (1994) included some blennioid families in the Zoarcoidei, Anderson (1989) reviewed Pachycara, and Anderson (1992) reviewed Ophthalmolycus. Nelson (2006) summarised the relevant literature.


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