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<I>Habroloma australis</I> [artist André Olwage]

Habroloma australis [artist André Olwage]


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Tribe Tracheini Laporte, 1835


The traditional concept of leaf-mining Buprestidae relationships, except for Paratrachys Saunders (Polycestini: Paratrachina), has presumed that the similar cuneiform adult morphology related all of these groups into a single higher taxon, Trachini. However, as more information is compiled about larval morphology, host associations, and pupation strategies, it is becoming likely that Trachini is a polyphyletic group, comprised of convergent forms which have only been combined because there is no way to find the origin of extant taxa within the more basal portions of what might be four, or more, convergent lineages.

Of the four subtribes currently combined into the Trachini, only the nominate taxon, Trachina, occurs in Australia. The Pachyschelina is predominantly a New World taxon, but there are some species of Pachyschelus Solier that are found in tropical Asia. The other two taxa: Brachina and Leiopleuriina are restricted to the New World.

The current definition of Trachini is only part of the subtribe Traches used by Théry (1929). The most modern approaches to the classification of leaf-mining buprestids are by Cobos (1979) and Holynski (1993).


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