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Genus Thriponea Hulstaert, 1924


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Argyrothripa nigrostrigata Bethune-Baker, 1905 and Barasa nigrilineata Wileman and West, 1929 were placed in Giaura Walker, 1863 and retained as separate species by Poole (1989). This arrangement was also followed by Holloway (2003). Holloway (2003) notes that the generic limits between Characoma Walker, 1863, Pardasena Walker, 1866 and Giaura Walker, 1863 are unclear, and that many of the SE Asian species currently placed in Giaura do not readily sit in this genus, but nor do they fit under the available SE Asian genus Orosa Walker, 1865. Until further generic revisions are undertaken the arrangement presented in Edwards (1996: 313) is retained.


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