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Family NOLIDAE Bruand, 1847


The moth family Nolidae, one of the four major groups of the quadrifid noctuoids identified in Zahiri et al. (2011), embraces a heterogeneous group of taxa that have historically been assigned different taxonomic ranks. Nolidae and three other major lineages (Euteliidae, Erebidae and Noctuidae) form a monophyletic assemblage, informally referred to as the quadrifid noctuoids, which were discussed in detail by Zahiri et al. (2011, 2012).

The concept of the Nolidae was expanded by Holloway (1998) and Kitching and Rawlins (1998) to include the Sarrothripinae, Chloephorinae and Camptolominae, all of which were treated as subfamilies of the Noctuidae by Edwards (1996). Other analyses based both on molecular and morphological data further endorsed the concept of the Nolidae as a discrete clade within the Noctuoidea, providing a solid basis for the internal classification within the family (reviewed by Holloway, 2011).

Holloway (2003, 2011) analysed and reviewed the Bornean nolid fauna and this has led to many nomenclatural changes to the Australian fauna. Several genera occurring in Australia were not included in these studies, and the status of these requires further investigation.

Zahiri et al. (2013) provide a molecular analysis that helps clarifying the main relationships within Nolidae.


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