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Subfamily Chloephorinae

  • Chloephorinae Stainton, 1859.
    Type genus:
     Chloephora Stephens, 1827.
  • Hylophilinae.
  • Nycteolinae.



The concept of the Chloephorinae has been broadened from that included in Edwards (1996) to include elements of the Sarrothripinae, whilst other groups which have been placed within the Chloephorinae and Sarrothripinae have been raised to subfamily status within the Nolidae (Holloway, 2003, 2011; Zahiri et al., 2011, 2013). The bulk of Australian species occur in genera with extralimital distributions including SE Asia, and because of this the extensive revision of Bornean members of the group by Holloway (2003) has resulted in considerable changes in the status of Australian species.

The world fauna was initially revised by Hampson (1912) (as Acontinae) and reviewed in Seitz's Macrolepidoptera of the World by Gaede (1937-1938). The Australian species were revised by Turner (1920).

Earias huegeliana Gaede is the rough bollworm of cotton. Australia has a considerable fauna and some species are very plentiful. The rather drab Sarrothripini are diverse in the northern part of the continent, and are poorly known and much work is needed on them.

The tribal structure used here is derived from Holloway (2003, 2011), but several genera listed in Edwards (1996) do not occur in Borneo and were not included in the analysis of Holloway (2003), and as a result their placement within the Nolidae and Chloephorinae requires additional study. These have been presently treated in the Nolidae as "Unplaced to Subfamily".


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