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Archerfishes, Rifle Fish

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The family Toxotidae comprises the single genus Toxotes with seven species. Four species are found in northern Australia (Allen et al. 2002). Allen (1978) reviewed the toxotids.

Archerfishes are found in the tropical Indo-west Pacific region from India and Sri Lanka to Melanesia and Australia. Most species occur in freshwater, but T. jaculatrix is usually estuarine (in mangroves) and Toxotes chatareus is sometimes found in brackish water. In northern Australia, they are common in rivers and smaller streams, and also in lakes and billabongs where they feed on insects and floating vegetation taken from the surface. Archerfishes are renowned for their ability to 'shoot' down insects from over-hanging vegetation. The palate contains a deep longitudinal groove that is converted to a tube when the tongue is pressed against the roof of the mouth. When the gill covers are suddenly compressed water is forced from the pharynx into this tube, and with the tip of the tongue acting as a valve, the flow of water, under pressure, is regulated. The maximum size is about 40 cm, but most are under about 25 cm. They provide sport for recreational anglers and the flesh of large fish is good eating. Archerfishes are also attractive aquarium pets.


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