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2 July 2017 - Dianne J. Bray, John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates, Douglass F. Hoese, Matthew M. Lockett & Ursula E. Smith

26 February 2015 - Dianne J. Bray, John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates, Douglass F. Hoese & Ursula E. Smith


The syngnathiform families were traditionally included in the Gasterosteiformes which comprised up to 11 families (Pietsch 1978; Fritzsche 1984; Johnson & Patterson 1993; Orr 1995; Takata & Sasaki 2000; Nelson 2006; Keivany & Nelson 2006; Paxton et al. 2006; and Wiley & Johnson 2010). However, recent molecular studies have found the gasterosteiforms to be paraphyletic (Kawahara et al. 2008; Betancur-R et al. 2013; Betancur-R et al. 2014). Studies to 2010 are discussed in Wilson & Orr (2011). Here we follow in part the most recent work of Betancur-R et al. (2014) in placing the families Aulostomidae, Centriscidae, Fistulariidae, Pegasidae, Solenostomidae and Syngnathidae in the Syngnathiformes until relationships are further resolved. Betancur-R et al. (2014) also included the Callionymidae, Dactylopteridae and Mullidae in the syngnathiforms. Paxton et al. (2006) and Gomon (2008) included the genera Centriscops, Macroramphosus and Notopogon in the family Macroramphosidae, while here they are placed in the family Centriscidae, following Eschmeyer & Fong (2015).

Most species occur in coastal estuarine or marine environments, and a few commonly enter both fresh and marine waters. Some are taken as bycatch in commercial trawls. Most species are treated in Kuiter (2009).


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