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One-gilled Eel, Swamp Eels

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20 April 2011 - Douglass F. Hoese, Jennifer E. Gates & Dianne J. Bray


Members of the Synbranchidae, swamp eels, are known from tropical fresh waters and estuaries of Asia, the Americas, West Africa and the tropical Western Pacific. Currently, four genera and 22 species are recognised worldwide (Eschmeyer 2011). Nelson (2006) summarised information on the family. Four species in two genera are known from Australia.

Blind cave-dwelling synbranchids are found in Australia, Africa and Mexico. They are rare in Australia although further studies may yield additional species. All are capable of breathing air, but only one species has lung-like air sacs. Most species are small, but some reach a length of 1 m.

Rosen & Greenwood (1976) reviewed the family. Australian species are treated in Allen et al. (2002).


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