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Subtribe Paraboloponina Ishihara, 1953


This subtribe has been variously placed over its taxonomic history: as a family (Ishihara 1953); subfamily (Webb 1981 provided a revision of the Asian, Australasian and Pacific fauna); tribe of the Selenocephalinae (Zhang & Webb 1996); and, most recently, as a subtribe of the Drabescini (Zahniser & Dietrich 2010). The subtribe is distributed throughout the Old World but is mainly Asian and Australasian. Three genera are recorded in Australia, the Oriental Carvaka Distant with five endemic Australian species; the widespread Dryadomorpha Kirkaldy with two Australian species; and the monotypic Nirvanguina Evans in Queensland and New Guinea. Fletcher and Semeraro (2007) noted that at least one species of Bhatia Distant and two species which appear to belong to Hybrasil Kirkaldy are also present in Australia.


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