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<I>Pseudomugil signata</I> holotype

Pseudomugil signata holotype

<I>Pseudomugil gertrudae</I> male

Pseudomugil gertrudae male

<I>Pseudomugil gertrudae</I> female

Pseudomugil gertrudae female


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CAAB: 37245000


Blue Eyes, Blue-eyes

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22 April 2014 - Gerald R. Allen, Norbert J. Cross, Douglass F. Hoese & Matthew M. Lockett

20 December 2006 - Gerald R. Allen, Norbert J. Cross, & Douglass F. Hoese


The Pseudomugilidae comprise three genera and 17 species worldwide (Allen et al. 2002). In Australian waters, two genera and eight species have been recorded.

Blue-eyes are found in Australia as well as in New Guinea and on several surrounding islands. Most species inhabit freshwater streams, lakes, swamps, brackish mangrove areas or seawater. They are popular aquarium fishes. The maximum size is about 5 cm standard length.

The blue-eyes were reviewed by Allen & Cross (1982) and Saeed et al. (1989). The genera are often placed with the melanotaenids, and Nelson (2006), in his recent work, recognised the group as a subfamily of Melanotaeniidae.


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