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<I>Cookeolus japonicus</I>, holotype of <I>Priacanthus velabundus</I> McCulloch

Cookeolus japonicus, holotype of Priacanthus velabundus McCulloch


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CAAB: 37326000


Big-eyes, Bigeyes, Deepsea Bullseye

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18 January 2012 - John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates, Dianne J. Bray. Douglass F. Hoese & Matthew Lockett

December 2006 - John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates, Dianne J. Bray & Douglass F. Hoese


Members of the Priacanthidae are found in tropical and subtropical waters. Four genera and 17 species are recognised worldwide (Starnes 1988), with nine species in four genera known from Australian waters.

Although the adults are benthic on shelf and slope waters to 400 m, young juveniles are found in surface waters. Recorded food items include octopus, crustaceans, fishes and polychaetes. All species have very large eyes, 16 principal caudal fin rays and most have a red body colour as adults. Maximum size reached is 60 cm.

The bigeyes or deepsea bullseyes from the western Atlantic were reviewed by Caldwell (1962), and Lee (1980) reviewed those from Taiwan. The family was revised by Starnes (1988) and most of the Australian species are treated in Starnes (1999).


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