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The family Pomacanthidae comprises about 80 species in nine genera. Australian seas contain 29 species in seven genera; plus three additional species from Cocos (Keeling) Island and Christmas Island.

Angelfishes are mainly inhabitants of coral reefs, occurring worldwide in tropical seas. Most of the smaller species such as members of Centropyge feed almost exclusively on algae, whereas many of the larger species feed on sponges supplemented with algae and small amounts of zoantharians, tunicates, hydroids, gorgonians and various eggs. They are closely allied and similar in appearance to chaetodontids, but are generally more robust and differ in having a sharp spine on the cheek. They also lack the characteristic tholichthys larval morphology of chaetodontids. The maximum size reached is about 46 cm, but several Centropyge species are fully mature at lengths under 10 cm.

The Australian angelfishes were reviewed by Steene (1978) and Allen (1980) provided a world list of species (74 species in seven genera). Diagnoses and colour photographs of most of the Australian species are provided by Randall et al. (1990, 1997). Allen et al. (1998) also treated Australian species, and most are described in Pyle (2001) and Kuiter et al. (2003). Grant (1991) included Pomacanthus annularis in his book on Australian fishes, but gave no indication of the origin of the specimen; it is found in New Guinea and may occur in Australia. There is some disagreement about the genus Paracentropyge, with some workers (e.g. Randall 2005) regarding it as a synonym of Centropyge.


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