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Livebearers, Livebearing Toothcarps

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Poeciliids are live-bearing fishes native to North, Central and South America and Africa. Most species are found in fresh water, but some are tolerant of brackish water. About 37 genera and 304 species are recognised worldwide (Nelson 2006), with at least six species in four genera established in Australia. Maximum length for the family is about 10 cm.

The poeciliids were reviewed by Rosen & Bailey (1963). Relationships were discussed by Parenti (1981). Merrick & Schmida (1984) discussed the biology of several species recorded from Australia. Corfield et al. (2008) and Harris (2013) reviewed species introductions in Australia.

Many species, such as molly, swordtail, platy and guppy, are popular in the aquarium trade. In recent years, species kept in aquaria have been released into the wild, often with adverse effects on native fishes (Arthington et al. 1983; McKay 1984). The first species to be released into the wilds of Australia was Gambusia holbrooki, which was brought to Sydney in 1926 and Brisbane in 1929 for mosquito control. The stocks were apparently brought from Italy, having originated from Georgia, USA (Lloyd & Tomasov 1985). Subsequently, during World War II G. holbrooki spread to many areas (Whitley 1951). Previously two subspecies of Gambusia affinis (G. affinis affinis and G. affinis holbrooki) were recorded from Australia. Wooten et al. (1988) treated the two forms as distinct species and examination of museum specimens indicated that G. holbrooki is common in Australia, but the occurrence of G. affinis is unclear. Lloyd & Tomasov (1985) believed that all Australian records of Gambusia were based on Gambusia holbrooki. Another species, Gambusia dominicensis, has also been recorded from Australia, collected from waterholes near Alice Springs (Allen et al. 2002 and Grant 2002), but some uncertainty surrounds the identity of these populations (Lloyd & Tomasov 1985).


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