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Members of the Plotosidae, eel-tailed catfishes, are distributed throughout the Indian Ocean and western tropical Pacific in freshwater, estuarine and coastal marine habitats (Nelson 2006). Currently, about 10 genera and 40 species are recognised; about half of the species live in fresh water. Nine genera and 24 species are known from Australia. Distributions may be incorrect or incomplete for some species.

Little is known about the natural history of Australian species. They range in size from 15 cm to 1.4 m, and the freshwater species are distinctive in lacking a dendritic organ protruding from the anus. Some species are known to prey on aquatic invertebrates.

No comprehensive revision of plotosids is available. Ferraris (2007) provided a checklist of recent and fossil catfishes, Gomon & Taylor (1982) provided a key to Plotosus. Tilak (1970) treated Indian Ocean species and Merrick & Schmida (1984) provided information on the biology of freshwater species. Allen (1998) revised Paraplotosus. Some tropical species are treated in Ferraris (1999), and Australian freshwater species are treated in Allen et al. (2002). Recent molecular studies suggest that Tandanus tandanus may be a complex of three species (Musyl & Keenan 1996; Jerry & Woodland 1997; Jerry 2008).


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