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<I>Pentapodus vitta</I>

Pentapodus vitta


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Butterfly Bream, Coral Bream, Threadfin Breams

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The family Nemipteridae comprises 62 species belonging to five genera. Thirty-six species in the five known genera are found in Australian waters. They are commonly referred to as various types of breams depending on the genus (threadfin — Nemipterus; whiptail — Pentapodus; monocle-Scolopsis; dwarf monocle — Parascolopsis; coral-Scaevius).

Nemipterids are inhabitants of coral reefs and deeper offshore waters of the continental shelf in the Indo-west Pacific region. They generally prefer open bottoms that consist primarily of sand, mud or rubble. They are solitary or occur in aggregations, mostly in shallow water, but some members of the genera Nemipterus and Parascolopsis may penetrate depths in excess of 300 m. The diet includes mainly small fishes, cephalopods, crustaceans and polychaetes. The body is relatively elongate and laterally compressed. There is a single dorsal fin containing 10 spines and nine soft rays. The anal fin contains three spines and seven soft rays (except eight in one species). The cheek is fully scaled and species of Scolopsis have a series of spines on the posterior margin of the suborbital bone. Maximum size reached is about 35 cm. They are important food fishes, particularly in South-East Asia.

The nemipterid fishes were reviewed by Russell (1990) and most Australian species are treated in Russell (2001). We thank B.C. Russell for his assistance in preparing this section.


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