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The Lethrinidae comprise 39 species belonging to five genera. The Australian fauna contains 29 described species in the known five genera and at least three undescribed species. They are commonly known as emperors (Lethrinus) or large eye bream (all other genera).

Lethrinids are restricted to the tropical Indo-west and central Pacific. They are integral members of the soft and rubble bottom fish communities adjacent to coral reefs or offshore areas of the continental shelf. A few species are also found in estuaries and in seagrass beds. They are bottom-feeding carnivores that consume fishes, polychaetes, crabs, shrimps, gastropods, bivalves, cephalopods, sea urchins, sand dollars, starfish and brittle stars. Lethrinids are generalised percoid fishes that resemble snappers (Lutjanidae). However, they differ in having the cheek either completely or partially scaleless and several species have molar-like teeth on the side of the jaws. The maximum length is about 80 cm, but many species are only half this size or less.

Carpenter & Allen (1989) reviewed the lethrinids of the world and Carpenter (2001) treated most of the Australian species.


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